Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Beginnings: Daycare Time

Wow, so that time is here...first day at daycare! I do admit, I wasn't too heartbroken, but did have some concerns for his first day: will he be soothed the way I soothe him? will he sleep well there? will they know his needs for feeding? So much to think about!

Familiar Faces....

It always helps to have friends in high places! I don't think it was as hard as it could have been dropping Maison off due to us knowing 2 of his teachers already! Whew!!! A relief came over me just seeing how well they work together and with the other little ones. Maison found a friend in each of them and was talking up a storm! I think he is just happy that there is much to see, many to talk to, and plenty to do!

It's All Too Real....

I think I had that "this is it" moment when leaving diapers, wipes, changes of clothing, and even his feel good medicine, all for him to use in his new environment. It was also just too cute seeing his little cubbies to place all his stuff. Just seeing him play and sleep somewhere else, and feel pretty good being there, brought a smile to my face. I am thankful to have him somewhere that I can trust, with people I can trust. I think Daddy has a great feeling of taking the little one to "school". Wow, all that is left now is for me to return to work....SIGH! :)

Well, this is the little one after a hard day of play! I think all will work out just fine!

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